Viking Markets


Living on my side of the world there is very little viking culture to be found amongst the everyday person and in the many events happening out and about, however, my recent familiarity with the blog ‘The Viking Queen’ has brought to my attention the fact that this is not the case everywhere.

Her blog is full of pictures of viking markets and similar events which for anyone interested I would recommend taking a look at. I’ll include a link to her blog because taking pictures (stealing) from a fellow viking is not advisable. (Unless you’re very sure of your fighting ability and aren’t fond enough of the viking in question that you couldn’t knock them out cold.) Thankfully many vikings wish to share their photos for the less privileged vikin living away from Scandinavia and I do have several photos to share with you.










Doubtless you feel a stirring in your soul at the pictures (if you are vikin) and wish to be at one of these viking markets right now. For those of you geologically blessed by Thor, ‘Destination Viking‘ is a good tool to find a viking market or festival near you.

My envy be with you

-Aela the Viking


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