The Viking Network


Being a viking alone in the world, surrounded by common plebs can be difficult; trust me, I know. Even immersing yourself in videogames, books and films based in viking times of old isn’t quite enough. You were born in the wrong time and wrong culture for your inner spirit yes, but that doesn’t mean you are unaffected and unshaped by the modern era. Why just now you find yourself online, reading more into my life as a secret viking. You are a modern viking and popular culture representations of viking life are always set in days of old. The modern viking is a little documented phenomenon and sometimes watching vikings who had never heard of dial up just ins’t enough.

This is where you need to create yourself a viking network. It can be difficult to find other secret vikings, not everyone is aware as you and I may be of their viking spirit, some may in fact mislabel their

Groups where those with viking spirit can commonly be found:

  • Punks, anarchists and all those who embrace alternative culture (particularly those with violent undertones) this desire to break out of the social norm is a strong sign of a viking spirit.


  • Fighters of any kind. Legal or legal. Regardless of how they feel about the fighting the fact that they are drawn to protect, (in for example soldiers) attack or prove their strength is the sign of a viking soul.


  • Successful politicians, businessmen and lawyers. Yes, it may seem strange that these folk could be savage vikin at heart but don’t be fooled by their modern exterior. It is true certainly that some (the less ruthless) are not vikin by any stretch of the imagination but those who sought their careerpath to be stronger, dominant and/or powerful may in fact be vikin.


Aim to create a community, online tends to be easiest, of viking souled, whether you directly discuss this link to the vikings or instead your similar frames of mind is of no matter. It is simply finding people whose minds move in similar ways to yours that will create the support network you need. If you wish to draw people you think may be vikin to your blog to discover their true selves, then try leaving comments with your viking blog name regularly to develop an ongoing conversation. This conversation may draw the interest of vikin you have never met and, more importantly, draw your vikin friend to finding their true selves in the pages of your blog.


-Aela the Viking


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