The Vikin Were Strong

The Vikings of old were strong, capable warriors well known for their prowess in battle. Now a modern viking may not be going into battle but they should be able to defend themselves, their people and their possessions without question.

Chances are you’re not in fighting shape and that is okay but it keeps you at beginner viking level. This has nothing to do with looks might I add, you may look any way you please (vikings should look exactly as they please as they are superior) but if you can’t outrun and outfight non-vikings, I am afraid you are weak. So how do I allow the strong, muscular, dangerous viking warrior I am inside to be reflected on the outside? You do what the vikin did, you train.

But don’t go join a yoga class. No. Join a martial arts class. A sword fighting class. A gym where you can lift weights to gain strength. Begin a running regime. Work firstly on getting fit and secondly on your fighting ability.

It is enough for now to be focused on getting yourself in superior shape to the lesser, non-vikin, however I will be posting soon with more on how to hone yourself into a true warrior.


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