Videogames for Vikings



screenshot-8Video games are by are by far the best place to experience viking life in its truest form, in particular look for games based on Scandinavian culture, however, much satisfaction will be found from almost any medieval game.

By far the best is Skyrim. There are many issues with Bethesda, in general their tendency to release a half baked game, but that is what makes their community so perfect. This and the magical thing known as the creation kit. The creation kit and the need for certain bug fixes has created a truly vast modding community that can I will be posting a separate post on Skyrim modding soon, but for now I recommend you look at Gopher’s explanatory videos and search the Skyrim nexus.  Skyrim is however, not by any means the only game and so here are a few viking games that are not Skyrim.

War of the Vikings

Close combat fighting which allows character customisation and is set directly in the bloody viking age? Yes please. It’s probably the newest true Viking game out.

The Elder Scrolls Online

There have been many complaints about TESO and it can certainly be a non-viking game if you do not set yourself up properly. However, to ensure the best viking experience I have a few basic guidelines. Play as a Nord or Redguard and set yourself up in either the Ebornheart Pact or the Daggerfall Covenant, the elves of the Aldmeri Dominion prefer magicka so it’s probably not the place for a viking experience. Play as a Knightblade or a Templar and join the fighter’s guild early, trust me, you’ll have fun.

Viking: The Battle for Asguard

Realistically the best of the best. It’s an oldie, but if you can get over old graphic, Get. On. It.

The Banner Saga

Viking themed strategy game, not my cup of tea but if you liked games like Rome: Total War, this is a must. 





2 thoughts on “Videogames for Vikings

  1. I played War of the Roses for ages, but never got around to playing the Viking version, I always used to love using a large gallowglas to behead people! Such fun! Nothing more satisfying than a perfectly aimed axe to the neck to separate a head from it’s body haha


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