Improving Your Skyrim: For a Greater Viking Experience


If you aren’t modding Skyrim. You’re doing Skyrim wrong. But before we really get started and fall into the wonderful, weird world of Skyrim mods you need to do a few things.

1.Watch these videos

The video above is the first a playlist by Gopher and will begin explaining to you how to mod. The playlist itself is linked above and I highly recommend going through it before you being piling extra data onto your Skyrim load order. But that’s really up to you.

2.Download Nexus Mod Manager 

It’s just so much easier to click “download via NMM” than install everything manually and Vikings do not bother with time wasting technicalities just for the sake of it.

Now that we have that sorted I can recommend you a few mods but the true viking does not take anyone else’s vision and makes their own so let your wildness roam free and install whatever you want. Even this.


Firstly graphical mods, the game is several years old and these will make it seem like new in graphical quality. This is such an extended topic that I simply cannot go into enough but I’ll give you the basics. I recommend improved saturation and warmth to give it that old timey Viking feel.

Vivid Weathers

Completely customisable. I recommend choosing the darkest possible setting for nighttime and warmest indoor settings.

High Res Textures

Makes it more beautiful obviously.

Pure Waters

Improves water

No More Blocky Faces 

Improves faces



It’s a bug fix, even if you don’t mod Skyrim you want these.

Unofficial Skyrim Patch (legendary edition) 

If you have all the expansions just download this!

Unofficial Skyrim Patch (if you don’t have all the expansions)

Only add the ones below if you don’t have them all, just add the ones you do have. As specified, if you have them all just download the legendary edition.

Unofficial Dawnguard Patch

Unofficial Hearthfire Patch

Unofficial Dragonborn Patch 


This helps the game feel more realistic and your viking experience feel more realistic.


Frostfall 3:0 (Campfire must be installed first.) Frostfall gives you the danger of the frozen climate that vikings of old would have had to face and, with Campfire, gives you tools to fight the cold.

Hunterborn (Frostfall must be installed first) Allows for hunting to be a more useful and important experience as it would have been for our Vikin forefathers.

Ultimate Follower Overhaul. Skyrim only allows for a small amount of followers. This mod allows you to travel with a full army.

For the Viking Experience

Clean Up Your Corpses Punish you enemies how you see fit. Scare off future enemies by skewering the corpses of enemies and leaving them outside your manor. Honour fallen comrades with a proper burial pyre.

Viking Armour and Weapons Compilation There are many more viking armour sets and I encourage you to search for them, but this is a good starting point.

Civil War Overhaul What is more viking than war? And who doesn’t want a better, longer war questline?


These are just the basics! Everything can be modded and your Skyrim can be truly…immersive. To find more excellent mods I recommend you look at Brodual and MxR mod reviews. Happy modding my vikin!



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