The Tale of Tongues

Music. The joy of life and a vital part of viking life. In the golden era of viking life music was a way of sharing one’s exploits with other vikings. It gave the physically less impressive vikings a sense of purpose and it was a fine accompaniment to the mead and ale which were part and parcel of viking life. SO how does this apply to the modern viking? By helping us reveal, when we are alone, the viking we must keep contained in company.

I have eluded to the importance of videogames that draw on viking and nordic culture for their ability to allow a viking in the modern world to live out the life they were meant to without being shunned or punished by society. Skyrim draws greatly on viking culture and is a great favourite amongst gamers irregardless. It is for that reason I have selected a song of battle valour (against a dragon so as not to raise the ire/suspicion of the plebs) to rouse the fire of your viking soul. Listen and feel your inner viking awaken. 



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