Finding Your Viking Name

It’s not so daunting when you first feel a connection to a viking character in a videogame. Everyone does right? It was during my first playthrough of Skyrim that I discovered my viking connection. I was playing a sword welding mage, she was no viking, a Breton in fact. The thieves guild questline was the first hint for me, I loved it taking what I felt was my due. But sometimes I despised the secrecy of it, the fact I was not permitted to kill. I moved to the Dark Brotherhood questline, the killing was good and the sneaking satisfying.

Murder. Theft. They seemed practical elements in a world where the strong rule and the weak submit. However it was not until I began the Companions questline that I found my true calling.


The outright clash of strength against strength. In the open fighting. A mixture of the honour system of the Companions and the Dark Brotherhood called to me

Here you will see Aela the Huntress.



A Companion naturally, her strength, resolution called to me, When searching for my viking name Aela kept singing in my mind but it was not my name. It was hers. However, she was my vikin inspiration so finally I realised. It is not stealing to take her name as my own, but honour.

However, not everyone will feel a vikin connection to a character with a name they find suitable. Some of you may need to be more creative. Luckily the internet is, as always, the friend of vikings.

Viking name generator

This first viking name generator allows you to trust the fates entirely. You may put your current name in and have it “vikingified” as it may be or simply your gender. Not one for the faint of heart. (But what vikin is faint of heart?)

Viking name generator

Trust the fates to name you but get a little choice in the matter, this generator gives you about ten options to chose from.

Name yourself after a god

Honour the god you serve by taking their name.

These are just three resources. There are many more, you merely need to find them.



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