Viking Use of Widgets


Yes, yes I know. Widgets are for plebs (I am also aware the word pleb is of Roman origin but Vikings take what they want and so I shall take the word and make it my own.) But really they’re not and you are just a blind fool.

Open your eyes! See the world around you with it’s potential for expanding your viking experience.

Categories, for one, are quite useful

Let me explain my use of categories. I have five.

  • Secret viking
  • Viking
  • Workshops
  • For Hannah
  • Viking Advice

Secret viking obviously refers to those posts that pertain specifically to keeping the viking life secret.

Viking will likely include all posts as all my posts are viking related.

Workshops and For Hannah are of little relevance to most but they are the posts that will be based around some Viking Lessons I am currently taking to help improve my skill at hiding my viking self.

Viking Advice is those posts specifically giving advice for fellow vikin. Posts such as this are not considered advice, my next post however (on how to find your viking name) will be considered viking advice.

The widget for this allows all of you to see this, those vikings studying with me able to see my viking lesson work, those of you less interested able to only see my advice, secret viking posts or general viking posts.

I hope this knowledge helps.

-Aela The Viking


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