Adding the (secret) Viking Touch

I’m sure many of you are wondering; how do I make my life more vikingesque? It’s an important question we all need to be asking ourselves and to do so we need to critically examine our lives with a neutral stance. Unfortunately not all of us are able to live our true viking lives, I too am in this category. This is where the online viking community is so integral to our viking identities.

For those of us that do not live the viking lifestyle that is so restricted in modern western culture and cannot, for whatever reason, break out and move into a life that allows us to live the unrestrained life of the modern viking that we have always desired, the online vikin community is the only chance to express this part of us.

For the secret vikings among us, here is a list of ways to personalise your blog to reflect your inner viking.

  1. Icons:

Although the viking image comes from a time before technology that does not mean that we vikings are out of the loop when it comes to technology! There are of course the elusive amish vikings (as they have been dubbed by the wider vikin community) that live completely without technology, however, the vikings were ahead in their times and ruled through their innovation so to truly have the spirit of the viking within, you must feel a keen urge for innovation to help you surpass the rest. So on that note let me begin with icons.

In this day and age, icons are all the rage and must be utilised. To vikingify your icons, look for weapon icons, there are easy to find on videogame websites and so on where many secret vikings can already be found living their viking life through the ever popular fantasy rpg game genre. (For beginners to both videogames and the secret viking lifestyle we have a recommendation for these games coming up.) Look for an icon that speaks to you, in fact with all viking aspects of your life look for something that speaks to you. The inner viking is in your soul and will want to come out of it’s own accord, listen to it. 

2. Artwork

I know that pillage and theft comes naturally, it is part of who you are as a vikin, but resist! Firstly there is a good chance you will be offending another viking by stealing his work, unless you are strong in your viking self and can be sure of yourself in a fight to the death then do not do this. Secondly as a secret viking you want to keep your identity secret. This would be very hard to do if you were sued, so just don’t steal the artwork. However, that doesn’t mean that we need to pay. Crediting is a beautiful thing, simply credit all artwork, preferably below that artwork but anywhere on your blog where it is clear is fine. Some feel the need to ask specific permissions and this can indeed be a good way of meeting other vikings.

3. Speech

Speak like a viking damnit! Or don’t, this is an entry level vikin blog therefore I will use standard English, however some of the more hardcore vikin blogs will use more difficult language. What language you use is up to you and dependant on your readership.

4. Content

This is obvious. Write about vikings! Write about your viking inspirations, your secret viking encounters, your viking adventures, how you found your inner viking self and tips for fellow secret and not so secret vikings.

5. Font

Again, this is an opinion many choose against. Choosing a viking font can often be at the cost of legibility. Try to find a font that is both viking in feel and easy to read if you cannot, chose whichever feels best to you.

Next up we will discuss how to discover your true viking name, so stay tuned and stay secret.

-Aela the Viking



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